So, folks, what did you think of WestJet’s rebrand today to “Canada Air”?

Found out about the WestJet name change and rebranding earlier today on Twitter while listening to the Finance Minister for Saskatchewan speak at breakfast. I thought it was a totally unnecessary name change and that it had to be some sort of joke. Then I learned, ahem, it really was a joke. 

Good one. I don’t know if WestJet is Canada’s best airline, but hands down they are the funniest

(P.S.: it may have been March 31 in Canada but it was April 1 at the same time in some time zones.)

(P.P.S.: Air Canada repainted its planes and brought back its classic maple-leaf-in-a-circle logo on its tail, and claimed they were inspired by Canada’s 150th anniversary. No doubt, WestJet is having fun with that.)