The news is that this weekend I rescued Raquel Welch from the HMV closing sale!

The big news in my boring life is that this weekend I dropped in at HMV in Saskatoon to see what was left in their stock in their big closing-out fire sale that is still on.

Wow, what a sad scene there — the stock is emptying out fast. Clearly, the end is near. Their DVDs are now selling at 70 percent off, so there were lots of good deals to be had.

Given how empty the shelves were I was surprised to find any good items at all. But fortunately I was able to buy some Sixties stuff: Fathom, starring Raquel Welch, as well as Lady in Cement — Raquel Welch again, with Frank Sinatra

Those should fit in quite nicely alongside Modesty Blaise and my collection of Matt Helm movies starring Dean Martin, and other Sixties schlock movies that might appeal to Austin Powers and his generation. Still conspicuously missing from my collection, though, is Deadlier than the Male starring Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina, and Barbarella starring Jane Fonda. 

For you so-called “Millennial” folks out there who are too young to know who Raquel Welch is, she was basically the Emily Ratajkowski of her day: a true sex goddess. The main difference is she could also sing and dance. For a good example of that, here’s a video below of Raquel on TV in the Sixties singing Bang Bang

Have fun looking at that. I might post the trailers of other Raquel Welch movies later on in the week.