Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry dies, and other News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere and the big news from the weekend is that 2017 is proving to be another big year of celebrity deaths. The latest is musical legend Chuck Berry, who basically invented rock and roll in the Fifties with hits like Maybellene and Johnny B. Goode. When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened in Cleveland, Berry was the first inductee.

Now, he’s dead, age 90. It almost feels like rock and roll, too, has died right along with him.

And that is not the only big loss from the weekend: we also got word that journalist Jimmy Breslin, too, is dead. Age 88.

What else is going on? Well, there was James Comey testifying today about how the FBI was investigating collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russians.

Also, the trial of an ex-MMA fighter called “War Machine” has ended, and the jury handed him 29 out of 34 possible convictions for his role in assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

In political news from western Canada — namely Alberta — Jason Kenney has won the leadership of the PCs and is now moving full steam ahead on his main platform: uniting the province’s right into one party.

In other important news, Tom Brady’s missing jersey from Super Bowl LI has been recovered.

I notice that the list of the world’s happiest countries is out and Norway is Number One — it always seems like Norway is always at or near the top of surveys like this, for some reason. 

Quite honestly, I question this list’s credibility. For instance, it ranked Finland in the top five, but that makes no sense at all because everyone knows the Finnish are notorious for being absolutely miserable. Even 60 Minutes did a piece years ago on how melancholy they are. So this list is completely suspect.

Also conspicuous by their absence from this list: Latin American and Caribbean countries. You would think there would be at least three or four but only Costa Rica made this list, even though the weather is sunny and a lot of people move to Latin America and the Caribbean to escape their depressing, awful lives in the “Uptight States of America”. 

Speaking of Latin America, the PokerStars Championship from Panama is playing to a winner tonight. Updates here. See, life in Central America can actually be pretty good. Proves my point.

That is it from here for tonight.