Major winter storm about to hit northeast USA/eastern Canada!! 

The news is that a major winter storm, which the Weather Channel has dubbed Stella, is going to produce a major blizzard and snow dump for the northeast USA including the New York area. Southern Ontario will also get the brunt of it! Meanwhile, out on the Canadian prairie it’s been freaking cold the past few days! 

When is winter going to be over? Aaargh! 

Meanwhile in other weather news, today it was sunny and 84 C in Las Vegas, sunny and 31 C in Phoenix, sunny and 28 C in Cancun and sunny and 30 C in Havana. I guess some people don’t need to put up with winter.

Update (Monday): here is the latest forecast about the big blizzard. The biggest snow dump is happening Tuesday in the Northeast. Incidentally, it is probably now too late to escape to any of the warm places I just mentioned, because there have been thousands of flight cancellations.