Make Saskatchewan Great Again! QB Vince Young joins the ‘Riders.

The big news from Saskatchewan is that former Heisman runner-up and ex-NFL quarterback Vince Young has signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. TSN broke the story Wednesday and it was all made official at a news conference today. This is not only big news up here in Canada, but also down there in the USA. Heck, even agent Leigh Steinberg was up here today. The locals are impressed.

Will this succeed? The Riders are taking a risk here. Young hasn’t played for years, yet he does not see this as a comeback — instead, he calls it an “opportunity”. 

All I know is that when I was watching the feed from 7 News Miami and their Sports Xtra show a few weeks ago, when all this Young comeback talk was happening, superagent Drew Rosenhaus was saying he didn’t think much of it and thought a return to football was a bad idea. 

Personally, I say, why not? For one thing, anyone who could handle the fishbowl atmosphere at the U. of Texas and with the Tennessee Titans in the NFL should have no difficulties at all in Saskatchewan. Moreover, the Roughriders are such a total mess at the quarterback position that coach/GM Chris Jones might as well give Young a shot. Really, the Riders have nothing to lose. 

As for Jones: boy, does he ever look more and more like the Donald Trump of the Canadian Football League. 

He is anti-establishment all the way in getting rid of popular players like Darian Durant, Weston Dressler and John Chick, in thumbing his nose at the Commissioner and the league office with all his rule violations, and by making unconventional moves like this. 

Just like Trump, Jones is crazy, all right. Crazy like a fox. We’ll see if this works, and if Vince Young makes good on his pledge to Make Vince Great Again.