ESPN is getting ready to whack a lot of on-air talent!!

These are tough times for the sports channels in the USA. Now, the word is that ESPN is about to get rid of a lot of on-air talent. They have already made a ton of cuts behind the scenes, with a mass layoff in 2015; now it is hitting the front of the camera. No doubt, the people that fans most want to see gone will stick around (ie. Stephen A. Smith, Tony Kornheiser), while a lot of others will be tossed. A few are going to get buyouts. It would not surprise me if Chris Berman is among the people who get booted, now that he’s been “retired” from the NFL coverage. In all, sad times.

Predictably, fans are not happy to hear this. Looking at the comments on these websites, this news is a jumping-off point for people to trash what ESPN has become, with people particularly trashing its increasingly liberal politically-correct agenda. Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage has been particularly going after ESPN for this

Honestly, a lot of people want to tune in sports channels for one reason: to see the sports. But ESPN isn’t even giving the fans that! They’re giving fans liberal politics and loud talking heads. As for coverage, ESPN really devotes its attention to only a few sports that they’ve paid big money for, namely the NFL, NCAA, the NBA, and baseball. And maybe tennis. But that is about it. Good luck if you are a fan of any other sport!

NHL? NASCAR? Formula 1? UFC? Boxing? Horse racingForget ESPN. Now that Tiger Woods‘ golf game is in the toilet, they seem to have lost interest in golf, too. Basically, ESPN focuses on the same few sports and teams (ie. the “glamour” teams) and the same old usual suspects/athletes, ie. LeBron. And this is true on radio as well as TV. It’s tiresome.

Anyway, I am just ranting now. Suffice it to say that the glory days for ESPN are definitely in the past.