Tories debate in Edmonton tonight, but without Kevin O’Leary

This week, my News Watch column is about the Conservative leadership race.

Unfortunately, I wrote it before I learned that Kevin O’Leary decided to chicken out of appearing at tonight’s leadership debate in Edmonton, happening now. I guess he’s staging his own event, similar to what we saw last year from Donald Trump

This is the big problem with his campaign. O’Leary needs to show people he is not some dilettante, and that he can be taken seriously as a campaigner and as a candidate. He needs to show the party he has the right stuff to go up against someone like Justin Trudeau. Because you can be darned sure that Trudeau will be showing up for the debates when the election happens.

With O’Leary a no-show tonight, I suppose the coast is clear to watch Donald Trump address the joint session of Congress. That should be at least as entertaining as the Oscars show was.