The accountants take the blame for the biggest gaffe in Oscars history!!

Well, the finger pointing has been on full-blast over the epic screwup last night at the Academy Awards seen by millions of people, in which Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced La La Land as Best Picture, when it was Moonlight that was the actual winner. It turned out they got the wrong envelope: instead, they opened a duplicate one pulled out of the wrong pile that announced Emma Stone, La La Land, as the Best Actress winner instead. 

Frankly, when I witnessed all this confusion on the Oscar stage erupting on TV, I thought this had to be some stunt, some joke — that maybe they were making fun of Steve Harvey’s infamous announcement of the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant last year. Then, when I realized this was no prank, and that they really had screwed it up, I was going “holy crap, it’s happened again!!” This was Steve Harvey, all over again! 

The accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, responsible for overseeing the results, has admitted responsibility for the messup, saying what happened was their fault. They have apologized, and they should apologize because this messup ruined what seemed like a good show, with Jimmy Kimmel particularly on fire all night. His fine hosting effort went head-first into the trashcan.

As for all the heat Warren Beatty has taken for that botched Best Picture announcement, I think the real reason he is taking heat is because he’s Warren Beatty and not for anything he particularly did wrong. I mean, he was doing his job! When Beatty opened the envelope he looked at the card and had a totally confused look on his face. Then, after he showed the card to Faye Dunaway, it was actually Dunaway who announced the winner. 

Honestly, folks, the blame here is all on the people who gave these two the wrong card! So this has nothing to do with Beatty. Give him a break!

This goes down as one of the most infamous moments in live-TV history, down there with Steve Harvey botching Miss Universe, Janet Jackson exposing herself at halftime in the Super Bowl, and the streaker who ran on stage during the Oscars years ago. Remember that? Some naked guy was actually shown on TV running onstage while David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor back in 1974.

Here is a look at some of the crazy moments of the Academy Awards telecast over the years. Obviously, this sort of nonsense is nothing new for the Oscars, but Richard Roeper does declare it a new low for the Academy.

Oh, and as an aside, this was not the only gaffe during the Oscar show. The In Memoriam segment, which has become infamous over the years for its gaffes, did it again when they paid tribute to late costume designer Janet Patterson, but put up the wrong picture.

Well, at least the show wasn’t boring, for a change. Better luck next year, folks.

Update (Wednesday): it’s official, the two accountants responsible for this screwup have been permanently booted from the Oscars.