Jay and Dan are done at Fox Sports 1. Next gig… Canada?!


It is over for Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole at Fox Sports 1. Their show Fox Sports Live has been cancelled and their contracts have not been renewed. So Jay and Dan, who both got their starts in Canada, are finished in LA. The rumour is they will soon be heading back home to Canada and to TSN. 

There’s a couple of reasons why this happened and honestly, they have very little to do with Jay or Dan or their talents.

(1) This is Fox Sports 1. Nobody’s watching, anyway.

(2) It is not Jay and Dan’s fault that they arrived right when sports highlight shows suddenly went out of vogue in the United States. People don’t need highlight shows anymore, they get their baseball and hoops highlights just by looking at their iPhone and iPad apps! So all these sports channels, ESPN included, have been moving away from these highlight shows and switching to more talk and analysis, and more screaming talking heads yelling at one another. As for Jay and Dan, their own show has gone through a lot of changes, and there has been a lot of chaos and layoffs behind the scenes there at Fox Sports 1. In fact, Jay and Dan went in there thinking they were going to do one type of sports show, and it ended up morphing into something totally different.

Of course, Jay and Dan’s biggest problem was that their biggest fans couldn’t get to watch them anyway, because we were all stuck in Canada where we don’t get Fox Sports 1! Anyway, the sooner they both come back to Canada and get back on TV up here, the better for all of us.