Classless move: Leicester City fires Premier League-winning manager Claudio Ranieri!

In a move widely seen as cruel, heartless, a disgrace, and so on and so forth, Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri was sacked Thursday

This comes less than a year after leading this lousy excuse of a football organization to the Premier League title! They won the effing title, a 5000-to-1 shot, up against all these wealthier top-spending clubs in the biggest cities in England! Most clubs in Leicester’s position would be pleased. Yet now, just because this team is only a point above the relegation cut-line, they decide to fire him. This is a panic move by a panicked Thai-based ownership, who are panicking out of fear that their meal ticket, membership in the Barclays Premier League, could potentially go right down the drain — and with it, all the gobs of TV money that flow into the club. 

Well, guess what, folks, firing the one guy who helped the team win in the first place isn’t going to save the day. The thing is, Leicester City isn’t going to do much better without Ranieri. He led them to the title, so he’d probably be the best hope to turn around this situation they are in now anyway. Now, morale on the club is surely in the sink after this, and the clubs just below Leicester City in the standings will be looking at this and licking their chops, thinking they can overtake these guys. 

All that has been accomplished with this classless move is a lot of needless drama. If the club was going to fire Ranieri, they should have waited until the end of the season, and spared themselves all this chaos. The club has surely sealed their doom into next season’s Sky Bet Championship. But look on the bright side: if Leicester City wins the title there, it will be two titles in three years.

Enjoy the Barclays Premier League (logo above) while you can, Leicester City fans, because as of today Cinderella’s carriage has turned right back into a pumpkin.