The WWE were in Saskatchewan last night with a SmackDown Live show!

There have been a few stories from Sask. sports this weekend: the Regina Pats winning their bid to host the 2018 Memorial Cup; the Sask. Rush beating Colorado 8-7 in NLL lacrosse action, etc. etc.

But it was the biggest weekend of all for wrestling fans, who were most enthused about the WWE returning to SaskTel Centre! It was a SmackDown Live show, featuring the stars from that brand as part of the “Road to WrestleMania” tour. Here is a story about that event, which took place on Sunday night. Also, here is a story on an epic WWE event in Saskatoon years earlier in which the legendary Bret Hart took the title. 

So I guess it wasn’t such a boring weekend after all. See, this is why this blog is still here: to link you to the real news going on that the other Sask. blogs and websites ignore. 

Also, as a total aside: when I was a lowly intern at a major all-sports TV network years ago here in Canada, everyone in the building was a big WWE fan. They couldn’t get enough news about it. I don’t know whether this is still the case at these sports networks, but there are still lots of wrestling fans out there. Anyway, that’s that.