Trump does it again; declares media “the enemy of the American People”

You know, I believe President Donald Trump really does think he has a good thing going with his constant bashing of the “dishonest” media. Every time he trashes the press, like he did the other day at his now-infamous news conference, his popularity ratings go up — with his own supporters. With the media, though, it’s a different story. 

Anyway, today Trump let loose again on Twitter to declare all the usual suspect news organizations to be “the enemy of the American People.” Story here.

Also, I notice Fox News’ Shepard Smith was blasting Trump on the air for his criticism and belittling of the media and for all the untrue things Trump was saying the other day, and that has gotten Smith in trouble now with these Trump dittoheads who think the media ought to all just sit back and let the White House push them around. They want Smith off the air.

Good luck with that attempt. Worst case scenario is Smith resurfaces on CNN, but Fox News won’t fire him anyway because they love this stuff. Ratings are going through the roof, thanks to Trump and all his fights with the press.

Incidentally, though … Trump’s right. The media are dishonest, and most of them are biased and out to get him, but that’s still no excuse to not give straight answers to their questions about Russia, or to mock them or present “alternative facts,” or declare them to be “enemies of the American people.” I mean really, man, dial it back.