Megyn Kelly’s hire already creating havoc over at NBC’s Today Show

I’ve been reading about all the drama over at the Today Show recently because of the hire of Megyn Kelly to take over either the third or the fourth hour of Today with her own show. In the process, NBC is officially dumping the 9 a.m. hour of Today previously hosted by Tamron Hall and Al Roker

The reason this announcement came as such a shock was because this show at 9 a.m. was winning in the ratings! It was beating Kelly Ripa! Usually, when your show is winning your time slot you think your job, or show is safe. But not at NBC

So anyway, a lot of Tamron Hall’s fans were upset, and I get she was upset as well. She quit NBC this week, even though they offered a big $2 million or so for her to stay on in another role. She’s right to walk away, because this basically looks like the Ann Curry fiasco all over again.

Moreover, the rumors have been flying that Today co-host Savannah Guthrie could be elbowed out of her role at Today at some point, to make way for Megyn. 

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson has taken over her old Fox News timeslot, and ratings are way up compared to what Megyn got.

Does anyone else think there is way, way, way too much drama behind the scenes over at the Today Show? It is just never ending over there.