Raiders to Vegas in trouble, Mary Tyler Moore cause of death revealed, and other News from Nowhere

This is News from Nowhere for this Groundhog Day, Thursday, Feb. 2, as we look forward to even more lousy winter. Thanks for nothing, rodents.

Sadly, this blog is still broken up about the death of Mary Tyler Moore. The cause of death was reported by TMZ and Mary basically died of multiple afflictions: pneumonia, hypoxia, diabetes, the works. Anyway, that’s that. 

In other news, CBS aired their tribute special to Mary last week and TV writer/blogger Ken Levine just tore it to shreds, calling it more of a tribute to Oprah Winfrey than to Mary because of the amount of airtime Oprah got from her pal Gayle King. I saw that special and I have to agree, it was quite lame, but at least they aired something. (The comments section of Levine’s post includes some funny stuff.)

Also, it is Super Bowl week and we’ve got some NFL news. It looks like the stadium deal for Las Vegas to get the Raiders is on the brink of collapse. 

Apparently casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was not happy about not being included in the discussions for the dirt-cheap lease deal that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis wanted, so he’s out. Now we hear Goldman Sachs is out, too

That’s a ton of money backing this project gone, right there. You know what this means, folks, it looks like the Raiders aren’t going to Vegas. Where could they go instead, you ask? San Diego.

In somewhat related news, Brent Musburger has retired from ESPN this week and will be devoting his time now to a new sports-betting radio venture — in Las Vegas.

In Brexit news MPs have voted overwhelmingly to back the Article 50 bill to get Brexit negotiations underway.

In other news from Britain, I notice glamour girl Helen Flanagan has rejoined the cast of Coronation Street. (The only local people around my area who care about this are surely die hard fans of Coronation Street.)

Finally, here is a news item about what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from being inundated with all this news all the time. But there is a simple solution, really. 

Here it is: “Don’t watch the news!” That is all for the moment.