There is U.S. travel ban chaos worldwide, and this is all on President Trump

So the big story in the world today is about all the chaos going on at all the world’s airports after President Donald Trump issued both his refugee ban and his travel ban preventing nationals from a number of Middle East and African countries from entering the United States. 

This executive order has created total mayhem and confusion for those nationals who had H-1B visas and other lawful permits to work in the USA. Now they are having problems simply boarding planes just to get back to the USA. Many were told when they got off the plane in the USA that they weren’t even allowed into the country. Now, there are anti-Trump protests going on all over the USA’s airports, including JFK, and a federal court order was just issued yesterday granting a stay of Trump’s executive order. For now.

This chaos is all on Trump. It’s all on him and his bunker-mentality advisers, folks who regard the whole rest of the world with suspicion. This travel ban was a totally needless move on the administration’s part. Instead of taking a targeted approach to block “real” terrorists, they went ahead with a blanket ban on several countries, messing up the lives of ordinary law-abiding folks with legitimate work permits who are simply trying to earn a decent living in the ‘States. 

I notice Google is one of the companies heavily impacted, they had to recall their staff. What interests me is where Google’s headquarters is located, too: California. That’s right, the state that voted heavily for Clinton. Yet it’s companies in that state who are bearing the brunt of the fallout from Trump.

These voters, and these tech companies, have made it known they want nothing to do with these Trump policies, yet they’re getting stuck with them anyway. Is it any wonder so many people in California now want secession