Folks, there is a real possibility the next Miss Universe could be from, of all places, Moose Jaw!

Steve Harvey had better not mess up again tonight when he announces Miss Canada as the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant

I am not kidding, folks, this could really happen. The experts over at Global Beauties are saying keep an eye on Siera Bearchell, Miss Canada, because she is a real contender to win it all. 

If she wins, all of Saskatchewan will be in shock and awe when they find out the new Miss Universe is a U of S law student from, of all places, Moose Jaw. Yes, that’s right, a Moose Jaw girl is on stage representing Canada right now down in the Philippines, and that fact isn’t getting nearly enough hype around here.

But she is getting hype elsewhere. I guess the big controversy for Miss Canada this week was responding to the body-shamers who somehow are questioning her looks, her weight and so on. 

I don’t know what the heck these people are complaining about, because this woman is gorgeous. It’s really the body-shamers who have the issues with “looks,” because they look ridiculous.

Update: Rats. Top-9 finish but no crown. (Well, at least Saskatoon got to be seen on the Miss Universe Pageant.) 

Another update: Congrats Miss France! Steve Harvey got it right!!