Cool idea: Edmonton Eskimos have a sports bar now at Edm. Intl. Airport!

I think this is awesome publicity for the CFL. The Edmonton Eskimos have opened an Eskimos-themed sports bar for departing travellers at Edmonton International Airport, with the grand opening on Wednesday. Travellers can sit there and relax, get some food and refreshments and (presumably) watch football games on the various TVs while killing time waiting for their flight to show up. 

Notably, the baggage carousel at the airport also has an Eskimos theme to it. It is all designed to remind you that you’re in the Edmonton airport and not, say, Regina. 

Which begs the question — why isn’t there a Roughriders sports bar in the Regina airport? Knowing the ‘Riders and their penchant for saturation promotion of themselves, you would have thought they would have been the first in the league to have gotten around to doing something like this.