Big news for Canadian sun-vacationers: Tim Hortons is coming to Mexico!

This is huge, huge news for Canadians who always like to get the heck out of Canada during the winter to go to sunny Mexico. 

Soon, Tim Hortons will be in Mexico! The news came today that they are working with a group of investors who will bring the brand to that Latin American country. 

I understand the company is also looking at expansion as well to the UK and the Philippines, and they already have a fairly sizable and expanding presence in the UAE and other Gulf countries. 

I know lots of Canadians have been wanting Tim Hortons to show up in Mexico for a long, long time. When those first Mexican franchises open, expect lineups of Canadians right down the street. They’ve absolutely got to set up in the tourist areas, that is where all the Canadians are. If Tims’ first locations in Mexico are anywhere other than Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos, then they’re stupid. 

While the news is great for snowbirds going to Mexico, it does run the risk of making Mexico seem not all that much different from the place they’re all trying to get away from. Personally, though, I also think Tims will have to do far better with the types of coffee they have in their selection down there, because Latin American coffee generally has Canadian coffee all beat.