Pres. Trump leads off the “alternative” News from Nowhere for Monday

Welcome to News from Nowhere, where we once again try to link you with the “real” news going on in the world, not this “fake news” nonsense of other websites and outlets.

The cold hard truth is that we are now into the fourth day of the reign of U.S. President Donald Trump, and it is exactly what I think everyone expected it to be. Those of you who thought the circus had permanently left town with news that Ringling Bros.-Barnum and Bailey was closing up shop were sadly mistaken. The big top has clearly packed up and permanently moved to a new locale in Washington D.C., namely the White House, and the ringmaster is the new leader of the free world — as evidenced by his inauguration on Friday. 

First, there was Trump’s speech, which really was a take-no-prisoners, rock’em sock’em address in which he took on all comers. He was saying this wasn’t a transition from one party to another, but from the Establishment to the people! Trump stood up there and ripped to shreds the policies of the people he replaced, with Barack Obama sitting there listening to it all! It really was a throw-down-the-gauntlet moment. 

This address was seen in person in D.C. by fewer people than Obama’s past inaugurations. That was evident simply by watching the TV coverage of the crowds, yet Trump’s folks were going around spinning otherwise. Sean Spicer, the new Trump press secretary, slammed the media for their coverage and claimed this was actually the most watched inauguration ever!

Of course, the press then paraded out all their mounds of evidence (D.C. Metro numbers, video footage, etc.) to show that Spicer was, of course, embarrassingly dead wrong. 

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway doubled down on the hyper-partisanship by going on NBC’s Meet the Press, where she was talking about how the press secretary presented “alternative facts“. Interviewer Chuck Todd couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and frankly, neither could I. 

It is plain to see the new Trump administration is on a mission, as Spicer stated Saturday, to hold the press accountable. Think about it. Instead of the media holding the government to account, which is the usual way of doing things in a free society, the Trump administration is pledging to hold the media to account.

The last time I checked, this is how governments normally act in tinpot dictatorships. They are really good at holding the media to account by bossing them around and censoring them, and they are also good at presenting “alternative facts.” This used to be called “propaganda” back in the old Cold War days. 

As for the opponents of President Trump, there is clearly no shortage of them. The transition to Trump’s new law-and-order regime has not stopped any of the mayhem in the streets that were a hallmark of American life during the latter part of the Obama administration.

It’s basically the same as usual. First, there were the riots in D.C. by Trump opponents on the day of the inauguration, with lots of arrests. Then, on Saturday, you had the women holding protest marches in Washington and all over North America. 

Big marches, lots of people, lots of passion, well-organized, better Metro ridership than the Trump inauguration the previous day, etc. etc. Yet it also makes you wonder: where was all this passion and energy during the election, when Hillary Clinton really needed it?

The mainstream media gave all of these protests big airplay, but that plays into the Trump arguments about how the media is simply out to undermine his presidency.

Keep in mind: the protesters lost the election. A big reason why they lost is because the “silent majority” are sick of all of them and all their protests! It doesn’t matter what the issue is that they are promoting or whether it is worthwhile or not. They want these professional protesters to go home, at long last, but it looks like the “culture wars” are here to stay whether the silent majority likes it or not.

By Monday, the trade wars had begun, too. Trump signed the order to withdraw from TPP and to renegotiate NAFTA as well! And of course, Trump has been in his usual feuds all week with folks like Rep. John Lewis, and with designer Tom Ford, and other people.

We are only four days in, and this is just the start! There is still almost four more years of this nonsense left to go! Four very long years

Other news:George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush have both been in the hospital, but both seem to be getting better.

There is apparently a lot of sex in this latest season of The Bachelor, and people are offended

It is going to be New England and Atlanta in the Super Bowl after two more blowout playoff games on the weekend! This NFL postseason really has lacked excitement for the most part.

In weather news, the tornadoes have done their share of mayhem but a Nor’Easter is coming Mon. and Tues. Also, California is getting stormed on.

Uh, that’s it for now. Hopefully, this will also be the end of the Trump coverage for a while, here, too, because I am getting sick of writing about his antics.