Scary tornado situation this weekend in the Deep South. PDS warnings in Florida.

While some of us are comfortably sitting at home watching the Atlanta Falcons dismantle the Green Bay Packers on TV, others in Georgia and all around the Deep South have been hiding in their basements because of tornadoes. 

A really bad tornado ripped through Mississippi yesterday, with four lives lost. Today, there was major damage in Georgia, and there are three PDS-warned storms in Florida alone as we speak. It’s kind of unheard of for the weather to be this tornadic so early in the calendar year, and also unusual for the Deep South to be in the bullseye, but that is indeed the case. 

Meanwhile, folks up north like to complain about all the snow. Trust me, northerners, you do not want to be in Florida today.

Folks in the South, pay close attention to weather warnings today — that is way more important today than what is going on in these football games.