Coming soon: the Las Vegas Raiders. Application filed to move out of Oakland

The final act of this ridiculous NFL franchise musical-chairs of the past couple of years is happening. Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has formally applied to move the Raiders to Las Vegas. 

This will make it three NFL franchises moving in the span of one year (see above graphic). But this instability really does make you wonder, though, which team is next to move? Jacksonville?

I don’t detect the same kind of shock and outrage that accompanied news that the Chargers were leaving San Diego, or last year’s announcement of the Rams leaving St. Louis, with both teams moving to LA. In part, it is because this Raiders move has been an open secret for several weeks, and people in Oakland seem resigned to their fate. Also, while the application has been made, this isn’t official yet. The Raiders still need 24 out of 32 votes from NFL owners to approve this. 

But don’t worry, it will happen. This isn’t the NFL of the Rooneys or the Maras anymore. This league now belongs to guys like Jerry Jones, and Stan Kroenke, and these other big rollers. These new-generation owners live in the modern world and are A-OK with gambling, it seems. Moreover, the city of Las Vegas is waving a lot of money at the Raiders with their new $1.7 billion-dollar stadium proposal, and that surely impresses the league. It’s all about money, and it definitely is not about fans anymore, in today’s NFL. 

Unless, of course, you are an NFL fan in Las Vegas. In which case, it looks like you finally have a home team.