Theresa May’s hard-Brexit speech just the start of an epic bad week for free-traders

What a week, folks. Prime Minister Theresa May kicked off festivities today by outlining her plan for Britain’s clean break from the European Union, and it will end Friday with Donald Trump, Mr. “Impose-tariffs-on-everyone”, being sworn in as President of the United States.

For pro-Europe people in the U.K., and pro-free-trade people everywhere, this is surely a week where all you want to do is go to the bathroom and throw up. 

What concerns me is that PM May now wants to completely scrap membership in the single market, which I worry goes too far. I honestly think that when Britain voted to leave, all that most voters really wanted was to get rid of Brussels and all their stupid rules and regulations! They want Britain to have more control over their affairs, that’s what the “silent majority” preferred. But scrap the single market completely? Not even the sort of arrangement like what Norway has going, for instance?

As for her intentions to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the EU in its place, I can tell you right now, the negotiations are going to be painful. But if they do end up with a deal that is in any way, shape or form like what we currently have in North America with NAFTA, then freedom of movement around Europe is going to be very difficult. It’s total red tape here, even with free trade! Good luck trying to move around or take jobs in the rest of Europe!!

Anyway, this whole thing still has to get through Parliament. Surely, hopefully, there will be some brave pro-trade Tories who will buck the party line and try and impose some common sense in the House of Commons so that Britons won’t be sold totally down the river by whatever happens. Then again, it is British voters who sold themselves down the river in the first place when they voted for this chaos last year.

“The people are always right in a democracy!” Right.