Thanks for nothing, Dallas Cowboys: a rough weekend for sports books and ticket resellers

It turned out to be a really good weekend for lots of sports bettors in Las Vegas, and a really, really bad weekend for the Vegas sports books when it came to the National Football League. 

The sports books took a bath when New England and Atlanta covered their spreads, and then took a further drubbing the next day due to heavy action on underdog Green Bay, who went into Dallas and upset the Cowboys 34-31 on a miracle completion from Aaron Rodgers that set up the winning Mason Crosby field goal. A miserable weekend was then capped when a late penalty to Kansas City wiped out a game-tying two-point conversion, and they lost to Pittsburgh. Word is William Hill lost a million dollars in one day, alone.

Not only was it a bad weekend for Vegas sports books, but ticket resale prices for the upcoming Super Bowl LI in Houston took a 25 percent dive once America’s Team, the Cowboys, were eliminated. It’s pretty obvious the Cowboys, and to a lesser extent, the Texans, were driving interest in Super Bowl tickets this year, because now that they are gone the prices have hit the skids, big time. Instead of an average ticket costing $6,100 as of last Friday, average ticket prices for the big game are now selling for a dirt-cheap, bargain-basement $4,600!

Good grief, man, who has the money to spend on Super Bowl tickets?! 

Maybe the folks who won big in Vegas betting on football can afford to pay these ridiculous ticket prices, because the rest of the population sure can’t.