Saskatchewan Roughriders have traded Darian Durant to Montreal! The fans are freaking out!

Well, the ongoing efforts of the Saskatchewan Roughriders to turn into the CFL’s version of the Cleveland Browns gained even more momentum today. 

Indeed, the big news broke this morning that the Roughriders have traded quarterback Darian Durant to the Montreal Alouettes for a couple of draft picks. Durant was due to hit free agency and it sounds like the talks to re-sign him weren’t going well. We were all waiting for news about Durant and, wow, did we ever get news today.

The fans here are totally freaking out, as you would expect, with fans threatening to cancel season tickets and all that, and wanting to string up GM Chris Jones, etc. All the usual irrationality we’ve come to expect from the fans, except this time they are only trying to keep up with the irrationality in the Riders’ front office.

Personally, I find this latest move bewildering. Yes, football is a business, and I get the fact that Durant had been riddled with injuries and probably was not worth the amount of money his agent was demanding. But Durant was still a good quarterback for the Riders last season, even though the team lost. 

What’s more, there really is no clear heir-apparent waiting in the wings to replace him. 

This franchise has had plenty of time, and been on notice for a long time, about the need to address this situation given Durant’s injuries of the last three seasons. Instead, we’ve seen a revolving door of utter pretenders at the backup position, not a single next-great-CFL-QB in the bunch. Now, Durant’s departure date has arrived and the Riders, and we the fans, are all up the creek.

What is the plan in Riderville to replace Durant at the quarterback position? If there is one, I’d sure like to know what it is.