It’s official. Chargers to LA; fans in San Diego in shock today

I’ve been tuning in the feed from The Mighty 1090 today listening to San Diego football fans venting about the news this morning that the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. They are the Los Angeles Chargers now, effective immediately. 

The team will play in Carson for two years at the LA Galaxy’s stadium and then join the Rams at the new stadium in Inglewood.

This means San Diego has lost yet another major-league team to LA — the NBA Clippers also moved out of there years earlier. 

There is nothing worse in sports than losing your favourite team to another city. And, yeah, the Padres are still there, but that’s not the NFL. That’s baseball, that’s totally different. 

Among other things, they don’t play baseball in November and December and (occasionally) January. It’s worth supporting, probably more so now than the NFL anyway, but it’s not football. 

I guess this gives Meryl Streep a football team to root for in LA, then, eh? Actually, this is no laughing matter in San Diego, even though this soap-opera surrounding the future of their football team has been going on full-blast for at least two years. The Chargers lost the vote on the new stadium proposal in November, so everyone probably should have seen this day coming. But people had still held out hope right to the end.

If you’re a diehard fan of any football team, listening to San Diego talk radio right now will make your heart break for these Chargers fans. Needless to say, the fans there are shocked, are crying, are tossing all their Chargers gear in the trash, and venting anger at owner Dean Spanos and commissioner Roger Goodell, and everyone else in the NFL. 

The biggest shock to the system for the fans was surely when they went on Twitter and found out that the Chargers had changed their Twitter handle! Also, they changed their logo to this ugly-looking piece of junk above which sort of looks like a ripoff of the Dodgers’ logo. 

Anyway, I feel for San Diego. This is more NFL greed at work! That is all.