PokerStars Championship Bahamas is on this week! Good distraction from winter.

Now that the College Football Playoff is over (won by the Clemson Tigers, much to Vegas’s chagrin), I need something else to tune in to. So I am going online to watch the PokerStars Championship Bahamas. At least, I’m watching what went on earlier today, now that I’m at home.

This is the first event of the newly-rebranded PokerStars Championship, a tour that is replacing the European Poker Tour (EPT) whose last event was in Prague in December. This series is also replacing the Asia-Pacific Poker Tour and the Latin American Poker Tour. There is also another new series going on this year called the PokerStars Festival, which are smaller, more regional tournaments.

This Bahamas event, which began last Friday and runs until Jan. 14., is going by this new fancy “PokerStars Championship Bahamas” name. Until this year it used to be called the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which is a far better name than this one is. This new name “PokerStars Championship Bahamas” just sounds generic.

On the other hand, until this year the Bahamas event was actually a stop on the “EPT”, and that made absolutely no sense because the place is nowhere near Europe. 

Personally, I like tuning in this event — the Bahamas is a prestige stop in the poker world and it is probably the biggest sporting event annually there (if you consider poker a “sport”, which it isn’t). It takes place at the Atlantis which is a really cool resort to begin with, one where I hopefully will take my future wife on her honeymoon. (I need a girlfriend!!) 

Also, this stop is always held during the pit of January, and holding it in the Bahamas is a good way to get everyone’s minds off of winter. In fact, I wish I was there in the Bahamas right now instead of sitting here in frozen Canada suffering through minus-45 degree temperatures, Celsius!

Anyway, there are a number of livestreams going on Twitch and on YouTube from this poker tournament in the Bahamas. Definitely check them out if you’re bored and want something better to do. 

The live updates on the $5,000 Main Event are here. Also, here is the recap of Jason Koon’s win in the $100,000 Super High Roller, and the recap of Bryn Kenney’s win in the $50,000 Single-Day High Roller.