Meryl Streep disses football and MMA, proves yet again how out of touch Hollywood is 

Predictably, the Golden Globe awards descended rapidly down the political drain Sunday night as Meryl Streep used her speech (accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award) to moan about Donald Trump.

It couldn’t have been more sanctimonious. In particular, Streep moaned about Trump’s usual trashing of foreigners and pointed out how the room was filled with the most vilified members of American society: “Hollywood”, “foreign” and “press.” 

As a “foreigner” myself, and a member of the “press”, who often writes about “Hollywood” no less, I kind of was with Streep up to this point. But then she opened her mouth and said:

“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts!”

My outraged response that I yelled at the living-room TV: 

“Madam, football and mixed martial arts are offering a lot more than Hollywood is lately!!”

That statement ought to shut up these bigshots in Hollywood, because it’s the honest truth.

Besides, Streep’s comments about “nothing to watch but football and MMA” are simply ignorant. First of all, there’s no football to watch in Hollywood because the crummy LA Rams aren’t worth watching anyway. (Ha ha ha.)

Second of all, if you are going to kick the “outsiders” and “foreigners” out, you’ll also have to kick out the MMA fighters, too, because that sport is full of them! Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Amanda Nunes, Georges St. Pierre, etc. etc.

Obviously, Dana White wasn’t impressed by Streep’s rant. Neither was Kellyanne Conwayor for that matter Donald Trump. (Trump, man, you really do need to stay off of Twitter.)