Breaking news: the Queen is, indeed, still alive

All the recent stories about Queen Elizabeth II’s health have been sort of amusing from my standpoint, because I’m convinced I’ve had the same ailment the Queen has had! I’m calling my recent ailment “The Queen’s Cold.” (Fortunately, I’m feeling a lot better now.)

But this is actually no laughing matter, because the Queen is 90 years old and her health woes are reminding people she won’t be around forever. 

I notice the recent royal health issues have brought out all the live, continuing “Queen’s health” coverage by British news organizations who’ve got nothing better to do. I guess the latest news is that her Majesty may miss church tomorrow.

We are also seeing a litany of freak-out stories about what happens once the Queen actually dies. Some of these are pretty outrageous, with wild speculation about how Charles might not take the throne, etc., but others have a more sober analysis of what the transfer to a new King would actually be like. 

Here’s a pretty interesting piece about what the protocol would be, written from the Canadian perspective as Queen Elizabeth II also happens to be the Queen of Canada.