Bloom is off the rose for Twitter due to online trolls and a guy named Trump

Twitter is in the news again, I notice, over ongoing problems caused by the online idiots who are ruining the platform again with their hate-filled ranting and raving at other people. 

There have been more stories about what a cesspool Twitter is, with all the trolling and negativity going on. The result: people are quitting Twitter. One of those to go this week: Lindy West, who wrote a big screed in the Guardian about how Twitter has become “unusuable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators.” In particular, her piece takes aim at the Alt-Right for trolling Twitter, spreading their agenda, and harassing various people. In particular, she noted the “global implications of failing to stop them.”

No doubt, the notorious Alt-Right crowd is a big problem for Twitter, for social media, and for the free world in general. But let’s be honest here: the radical left are as guilty of making Twitter a lousy place. In particular, these folks have been very quick to go on Twitter to call out people for any posts they deem objectionable, always going after people for being “racist” or “sexist”, and “shaming” people and always trying to get people fired from their jobs.

Twitter really has been “political correctness run amuck” for years, and a lot of conservative-type people have been denouncing Twitter for that reason. Also, some of the more controversial people (ie. Milo) have actually been banned from Twitter for various things, so people are accusing Twitter of censorship, now, too.

The bottom line is the left is only now finding out what right-leaning folks have said for a long time  – that Twitter is turning into a hate-filled bottomless pit. For everyone. 

The real reason you are only seeing all these Twitter-angst stories popping up all of sudden, though, is because of the impact of one particular Twitter user: Donald Trump.

I think the left-leaning folks still cannot believe Trump won the election and are casting around looking for yet another target to blame for their colossal defeat. That’s why Twitter is coming under fire — them, and the Russians.

The reason people are holding Twitter responsible for Trump’s rise is because the Trump-haters think Twitter was used as a platform by Trump supporters to spread their lies, uh, I mean messages during the campaign. Of course, it was! And, of course, Trump loves Twitter and his Tweets always seem guaranteed to tick people off and therefore make headlines.

Among those ticked off: China. A commentary piece ran over there this week which blasted Trump for his “Twitter diplomacy“. This was right after Trump had taken to Twitter yet again, this time to deliver a broadside at China for not helping with North Korea.

Stories like these have focused attention on Twitter at a time when it is facing a lot of questions about its future viability. I think all social media in general, not just Twitter, has no end of problems to clean up. Facebook of course has lots of issues with “fake news” cluttering up its news feeds. Just this week, some lowlives in Chicago livestreamed torture on the Facebook Live platform. Good grief! How low can you go.

In short, social media has a ton of problems and it’s easy to figure out who’s to blame: human beings.