Cable news news: Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly’s timeslot, and Greta to MSNBC

The big news this week has been all the shifting around in cable news in the wake of Megyn Kelly’s announcement that she is leaving Fox News for NBC. 

The word is that Tucker Carlson is taking his show over to fill Megyn’s old time slot at 9pm. Meanwhile, his old 7pm timeslot on Fox News is to be taken over by Martha MacCallum who will do a show devoted to coverage of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. 

But we all know who the real star of MacCallum’s show is going to be: Donald Trump

Who, by the way, used to have a show of his own on NBC, but that effort The Celebrity Apprentice is now hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. “You’re terminated!” 

In other news, Greta Van Susteren, who left Fox News a while ago in the wake of all the post-Roger Ailes fallout, and whose former show is now hosted by Carlson, will now have a show on MSNBC. It will be called — no, not On the Record, but For the Record.

Anyone else find amusing the fact that both Greta and Megyn have joined NBC right after the Donald left?