“Make 2017 Great Again!” Nowhere to go but up for Ryan Seacrest, and other news

Welcome to 2017 here at News from Nowhere, which has started on a down note for me personally as I am at home sick, likely struggling to recover from the same ailment as Queen Elizabeth II and many other people. I am now on antibiotics and drinking lots of tea and juice, and hopefully I’ll be better soon. 

Anyway, everyone is trashing 2016 as a lousy year because of all the terrible things that happened and all the people that died, etc., and it ended on a predictable wrong note as technical problems ruined Mariah Carey’s lip-synch performance on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. 

Carey’s people promptly blamed Dick Clark Productions and accused people of “sabotage.” Dick Clark Productions fired right back and said there was no sabotage. 

Anyway, this whole thing is a mess. Jenny McCarthy had something to say about it here.

As bad as it was for Mariah Carey, others had it far worse on New Year’s Night. It was a far worse scene in Turkey where an ISIS terrorist attack at an Istanbul nightclub killed 39 people. What an awful start to 2017 — or awful end to 2016, one or the other.

Other news from the weekend: the pilot of a Sunwing flight destined to fly to Cancun from Calgary has been arrested after being found drunk in the cockpit!! 

This was quite a strange story to say the least. Of course, this got my attention because I had flown this same airline to Cancun back in November! Yikes. 

Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, but already he’s fulfilling his pledges to “Make America Great Again” by going after automakers and threatening them with tariffs so they will stay in the USA. The latest “great” news: Ford is cancelling its plans to go to Mexico, will instead expand in Michigan. But Trump is not done — he is now going after GM on Twitter over their foreign-made cars.

In TV news, Megyn Kelly has made it official, she has announced she is quitting Fox News and going to NBC News. 

In other TV news, the new NBC Boston station is now up and running, forcing former NBC affiliate WHDH, aka “7News”, into life as an independent. 

This switch has been felt as well by cable systems throughout Canada relying on Boston for the NBC feed, including in frozen Saskatchewan. So we, too, now get our NBC feed from this new “NBC Boston” station now. 

My former home base, Toronto, is just not the same place it was when I used to be there. Too many favourite places there have closed. The latest iconic store gone forever: Honest Ed’s.

Speaking of Toronto, they held an NHL outdoor game there on Jan. 1.

Finally, anyone else notice that the attendance has been crummy at a lot of these World Juniors hockey games in Toronto and Montreal? I think the real reason people aren’t buying tickets is simply because the tickets cost way, way too much. Seriously, all these sports think fans are a bottomless pit of money. That is why these events aren’t selling out.

That is about all I can hack tonight.