Amanda Nunes KOs Ronda Rousey’s MMA career at UFC 207

Amanda Nunes KOed Ronda Rousey 48 seconds into the first round of last night’s title fight. Despite this, Rousey still made $3 million for showing up. 

This could well be the end of the line for Rousey in the UFC. Her next move may well be a career as the female Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood.

No doubt, Rousey has done big things in opening doors for female MMA fighters in UFC and raising their entire profile, but her last fights are excellent examples of what happens when you take your eye off the ball. She’s been doing swimsuit shoots and Hollywood movie appearances, and too many talk shows, and hasn’t concentrated on winning. Instead, she’s concentrated on being a celebrity, which is great for making money but not so great when it comes to fighting in the Octagon. Her career trajectory is surely a cautionary tale for any MMA fighter coming up the ranks about what could happen if you let all the fame go to your head. 

As for Nunes, I sure hope Dana White pays her more for her next title defence, because she deserves better than the money she’s been getting lately.