TSN screws over football fans again with their non-coverage of bowl games!!!

 I hate living in Canada, this country is full of hosers! Mainly, the hosers are the folks running TSN, who are refusing to show us enough NCAA bowl games even though they have five channels available. 

I notice TSN is coming under fire again online for this increasingly annual practise, which is worse than ever this year. I know a lot of people say these are meaningless games, but it’s college football, it’s part of the holidays! Besides, I like football, and watching these games from these warmer-weather places gets my mind off of the snow and cold of Canada.

The last two days, there was a full schedule of bowl games on ESPN — six of them, I believe. Did TSN pick any of them up? NO. Instead, this whole week we have been stuck with SportsCentre, reruns of a Grey Cup game that fans have seen already, as well as Spengler Cup and World Junior games involving countries that nobody cares about – not even in the nations represented!

Still, even if you do care about these lousy non-Canada World Junior games, there is still plenty of room for TSN to show some bowl games. But even though they hold the rights, TSN won’t do it, and I have no clue why, because you would think they would have a vested interest in building up football interest given that they hold the CFL rights.

The only way I have been able to follow these bowl games is through lousy Internet video, and also radio play-by-play! Right now, the Liberty Bowl is on, and TSN isn’t picking up the ESPN feed for that game either. So I have to tune in this game online, too. This is nuts. 

Seriously, TSN has five channels, yet they are giving us reruns and junk programming that they could show any time late at night — not to mention feeds of the same hockey game on multiple channels. What good is paying for cable if this is what we get?! 

Maybe, just maybe, cable ought to be the next thing I get rid of. Think that over, Canadian sports channels.

That is my rant about that!