Hilary Rhoda, Hilary Rhoda, Hilary Rhoda! 2017 looks good thanks to Lui Magazine

Count me as a fan of Lui Magazine (against my better judgement, lol), that French rag really has become the “home of the babes” in recent years. Basically, if you’re a big fan of female supermodels, as I am, then you like Lui by default because that’s where they all inevitably end up. 

The editors over there always knock themselves out with their December/January issues, which includes a calendar and multiple covers/pictorials of supermodels. Last year they had 12, count ’em, 12 supermodels, but this year they restrained themselves and kept it down to four supermodels: Elsa Hosk, Barbara Palvin, Anais Mali and Hilary Rhoda. 

They’re all fantastic women and you can count on Elsa to always be hot as hell, but the photos that made the biggest impression on me were Hilary’s. Seriously, Hilary Rhoda blew me away. Considering all the other hot models in the same issue of Lui, that’s saying something. 

Hilary sort of reminds me of Stephanie Seymour or Joan Severance in their younger days, with her eyes and brunette hair. She’s done SI swimsuit issues and Victoria’s Secret runway shoots in the past and has an interesting relationship history (pro athletes, etc.), but for some reason I was never really interested in Hilary before. Maybe it’s because up to now she hasn’t done anything quite so, ahem, naked. 

Anyway, this shoot by David Bellemere is the best thing she’s ever done, that’s easy to say after seeing it. (How do you get a job as a photographer for Lui Magazine?)

I’m sorry, folks, I can’t help it — I love the supermodels. If you want to see what Hilary Rhoda was up to for the latest issue of Lui, including their 2017 calendar, here’s a sort-of-NSFW link here to Maxim. Do not click on the link if you are an uptight person.