2016 can’t end fast enough for fans of Betty White!

I have tried during my entire Christmas vacation week to focus attention at this blog away from all the hard news and towards the real things that I care about — like sports and pop culture. I have done a post on bowl games not shown on TV. I have done a post on supermodels. I have even done posts on Edwin Encarnacion. Unfortunately, I have also had to do lots of posts on celebrity deaths, for which 2016 has been notorious. 

This has been a big week of death, first of which was George Michael, followed soon after by Carrie Fisher, and then the very next day by her mother Debbie Reynolds.

It has been so bad a year for deaths that some joker has now launched a GoFundMe page, to try and protect 94-year-old Betty White from 2016! There’s also crowdfunding going on trying to protect 79-year-old Morgan Freeman

If they want to do crowdfunding to save people from the clutches of 2016, maybe they should do it for Queen Elizabeth II who had to curtail her activities due to a bad cold. People are actually getting really worried for her health. Anyway, I guess it’s good that some people are finding humor in what has been a grim year for celebrities and for popular culture.