Edwin Encarnacion signs with Cleveland! This whole thing smells.

Toronto Blue Jays fans finally got the news they didn’t want to hear, that slugger Edwin Encarnacion signed with the Cleveland Indians — single-handedly improving the team that beat them for the league title. 

This, I say respectfully, is bull$#!t. Among other things, the Blue Jays’ offer of four years/$80 million guaranteed ended up being the best offer — certainly better than the three years guaranteed of $60 million offered by the Indians. So why did Edwin sign with Cleveland? Are the taxes so much higher living in Toronto?!

In all, the way this played out leaves a sour taste. I’m with Mike Wilner who tweeted “everybody screwed up” — and in my mind that includes Jays’ management, Encarnacion’s agent, and Encarnacion himself.

Merry Christmas, folks.