Not even the “faithless electors” could stop Donald Trump today

Well, despite the shameful, pathetic, last-ditch effort of opponents of Donald Trump to try and harass Trump electors into switching sides today, it all ended in colossal failure. Just as Jill Stein’s expensive recount effort was a failure. Just as, heck, their entire election was a failure. 

Trump has secured 304 electoral votes in the official balloting of the Electoral College today. There were a few “faithless elector” votes but, surprisingly, quite a number of them were from electors who were supposedly pledged to Hillary Clinton. Despite not even bothering to campaign for the office of President, Gen. Colin Powell received as many electoral votes — three, from blue-state Washington — as the whole state of North Dakota has in its delegation! (I wonder how the Clinton voters in Washington feel about that.)

Anyway, this whole election is over, at long last. As for the “sore losers”, to heck with them, finally.