On CBS Sunday night: The Dick Van Dyke Show. IN COLOR!!!

Tonight on CBS at 8pm/7 Central, they are showing two classic episodes back-to-back of The Dick Van Dyke Show. What’s remarkable is these are being shown in color. “For the first time!”, says the promo.

This whole series ran from 1961 to 1966 and was one of the last prime-time TV series on American television to air entirely in black and white. It ended its run right before all the prime time schedules on all three networks switched entirely to color. Had it lasted another year, this series surely would have had color episodes, just as The Andy Griffith Show and other classic B&W series did from 1966 on. 

So this really is a novelty, seeing these old episodes “colorized” — just as they did when they showed that old Christmas episode of I Love Lucy colorized.

In fact, it really is a novelty to see The Dick Van Dyke Show anywhere on TV at all these days, so this is great. What’s really remarkable is that even though this series is 50-plus years old, a large portion of the show’s main cast is still alive (unlike many other Sixties TV shows). Yes, Rose Marie and even Carl Reiner’s still here.

The episodes being shown tonight are “That’s My Boy??” and “Coast to Coast Big Mouth,” and you can read more about it in this Vanity Fair piece here.