News from Trump dominates a freezing-cold News from Nowhere!

Aaargh, I want to go back to Mexico! It is bitterly cold here at this edition of News from Nowhere — not just here, but across North America! To blame is the polar vortex which is hovering over much of Canada and bringing Arctic air down to the south. It makes it an early winter for everyone (winter has technically not started yet, believe it or not). 

How bad is it? So bad that BC is now meant to get colder than normal weather well into January. Folks in the lower mainland are having a difficult time dealing with all the cold and snow

To folks in Vancouver, I simply say: welcome to life in Canada

On to other news. I notice President-elect Donald Trump has been busy doing his victory tour of places across America. I get the impression he likes doing these rallies — for the heck of it! Also, the other day he was at the Army-Navy game, won by Army for the first time after 15 years. The final score was 21-17.

In between, Trump has been putting together his cabinet and the rumors are Rex Tillerson may be named Secretary of State.

Also, I notice Trump had something to say about the CIA’s claims that Russia was involved in influencing the election. He’s calling these claims ridiculous. The Democrats are all up in arms and want an investigation, but honestly I think this is yet more evidence that these folks on the left are still in total denial about the election results and how people really feel about the state of the country.

In other “yet more evidence” news, Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s effort to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania has been an embarrassing flop so far.

Finally, everyone is up in arms about Trump retaining executive producer credit on The Apprentice and claiming this is a conflict of interest. Folks, Trump isn’t going to be doing a darn thing for this show, he is simply retaining credit as co-creator of the production and earning royalties! This is just plain business, as Arnold Schwarzenegger says. And Trump was defending himself on that point on the talk shows today. Anyway, enough about President-elect Trump.

Speaking of Trump, his style of political rally has made its way up to Canada. The big political story up here was about a anti-carbon tax rally in Alberta where the crowd started yelling “lock her up!” in regards to Premier Rachel Notley.

And people across Canada vented outrage at this behaviour, but one politician who actually thought these chants were okay was Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost. He was saying these people were not being listened to, and was saying you should take them seriously but don’t take them literally. 

Anyway, bottom line is that Trump-style politics is here. Be ready for it, Great White North.


French presidential election news: an independent candidate has entered the race. He is Emmanuel Macron, former French economy minister, but the thinking is that all his candidacy will do is bleed votes from Manuel Valls (likely Socialist nominee) and split the left, and produce the Conservative-Nationalist runoff that everyone is predicting will happen anyway.

In other opinions, the Guardian is raising the alarm that France is somehow about to elect Marine Le Pen as President. This won’t happen, folks. It’s gonna be Francois Fillon, folks, trust me. The French electorate isn’t as crazy as people think they are.


On to Sports from Nowhere, and “nowhere” is right when it comes to Toronto and their sports title hopes for 2016. 

It was a dismal night at the MLS Cup final in Toronto, where Toronto FC dominated the play all game, incredibly holding the Seattle Sounders to no shots on goal, but they just couldn’t beat goaltender Stefan Frei

So the predictable happened: after it ended 0-0, Toronto FC lost on penalty kicks 5-4. It figures.

All in all, a game like that won’t win converts to the sport of soccer across Canada, with all the choppy play and injuries, the no-scoring, and of course the way it ended. That was no classic. The UEFA Champions League this is not.

And in other sports news from Toronto on Saturday night, UFC 206 at Air Canada Centre ended with Max Holloway winning the interim featherweight title in the third round beating Anthony Pettis. In all, it was surely a far more enjoyable evening for Toronto’s fight fans than for soccer fans at BMO Field. The results are here.

I’ve run out of things to say, so that is all for now.