McKnight killer charged with manslaughter; Sheriff Normand goes ballistic at press conf.

After days of waiting, the Joe McKnight killer, Ronald Gasser, was finally charged today in Louisiana with manslaughter. Some more details about what transpired on that fateful Dec. 1 in Terrytown have emerged as well.

I tuned in to the press conference by Sheriff Newell Normand announcing the charge this morning and boy oh boy, did he ever tee off on everyone today. He was mad at everyone criticizing the handling of the case, and did he ever give everyone a piece of his mind about what was being said in the media. 

What struck me about it all was that you never see any of the police up here in frozen Canada giving a press conference like that, where they speak their minds and tell it like it is from their standpoint. Then again, there are all kinds of restrictions on what you can say or do here in Canada with respect to cases.

Anyway, it’s good there are finally charges laid and maybe people will calm down there a bit, but this isn’t going to change the opinion of anyone here in Canada about what they think of life down in the USA. All they see is mayhem, and a society falling apart at the seams. As for me personally, I think my decision to go to Mexico on my recent vacation, instead of taking my chances down in the “Upset States of America”, was a pretty good one.