Law news: Dallas PI attorney Brian Loncar, the “Strong Arm”, is dead

I’m interested in legal profession news as you know, and also interested in advertising, and this story involves both. 

Unfortunately, it’s more grim news. While I was rummaging around on these legal news sites I was surprised and stunned to learn about the sudden death today of Dallas personal injury attorney Brian Loncar. Loncar was quite well known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He was the one nicknamed the “Strong Arm” on his ads that ran on TV. 

In fact, I remember seeing a story on one of these national newsmagazine shows years ago about Loncar and his use of TV advertising. The commercial above is a good example of what Dallas TV viewers got to see on a regular basis, presumably while watching Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown or shows like that. 

Loncar was found dead at his office today, just a week after his 16-year-old daughter took her own life and a couple of days after her funeral. I’m guessing all the stress from that event might have been what did Loncar in. Loncar himself had almost died in a car accident a few years ago and I’m wondering if maybe there were still complications left over from those injuries. Anyway, it’s a really sad situation for his family, who have been through a lot already.