College football playoff matchups announced: arguments ensue

The college football playoff final rankings were announced Sunday and it will be No. 1 Alabama versus 4. Washington, and 2. Clemson versus 3. Ohio State. Despite beating Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game yesterday, Penn State was left out. And they deserve to be out; the Nittany Lions have two losses, while these other teams are no worse than one loss. That ought to be that for their chances, but that hasn’t stopped the obnoxious sports-pundit people from inventing all these reasons why Ohio State or Washington should be out instead.

People are now pointing to all this arguing over “who is number 4” as proof the college football playoffs ought to be expanded to eight teams. 

Fine, they’ll do that, and what will happen is people will simply argue about who the eighth seed should be. Then they’ll expand it to 16 teams, and they’ll argue over number 16. And so on. It never stops.

Trust me, no one will be satisfied unless every last one of these Division 1 football teams is in the football playoffs, and I’m convinced that even then there will be people arguing

All this hot air over football playoffs is giving me a headache! Aaargh! 

Also, the bowl schedule has been announced and you can see it here.