News from Latin America dominates the News from Nowhere

I still have my recent trip to Mexico on the brain in this edition of News from Nowhere.

Of course, the main news that broke while I was in Cancun had nothing to do with Mexico. It was all about Cuba and the death of Fidel Castro. I am listening to his funeral coverage right now.

There were all sorts of reactions to this news from all the usual world leaders. The big story, though, was the unbelievable reaction of Canada’s out-to-lunch Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who issued his gushing statement praising and eulogizing Castro as if he had been some great humanitarian, instead of the tyrannical dictator he was for so many years. 

Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

That prompted a barrage of outrage and ridicule, all of which was well deserved. The best online reaction, though, came on Twitter from Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 

Is this a real statement or a parody? Because if this is a real statement from the PM of Canada it is shameful & embarrassing.”

Anyway, the bloom is definitely off the Trudeau rose now, as he goes “from cool to laughing stock” as Maclean’s puts it. In fairness, though, his comments are nothing compared to the praise being heaped on Castro tonight by world leaders at his public memorial. Everyone speaking there, including President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and others, is making this Castro character out to be this great statesman. Anyway, enough of that.

As for my trip to Cancun, it was great, with sunny weather for a whole week. Far better than my Cuba trip of a year ago, the place really puts Varadero to shame. Obviously, it’s also a good thing I didn’t go to Cuba on vacation this year, because the tourists there are having a hard time of it right now.

While in Cancun, I tuned in plenty of sports. But as it turned out, I never did tune in to as many NBA games as I had hoped to. Oh, I did tune in a few games on the radio from Florida and Texas stations, but mainly I watched NFL football and endless soccer games on the TV. Basically, you had no other choice, that was what dominated the main Mexican sports channels — Fox Sports and tDN — last week.

On Tuesday, it was UEFA Champions League all day. Wednesday, same thing, except it was Liga Bancomer MX playoffs at night. Thursday, it was Thanksgiving NFL football and more Liga Bancomer MX playoffs. 

But ESPN also had a feed that night from the Copa Sudamericana semi-final game between Atletico Nacional of Colombia and Cerro Porteno of Paraguay, and I actually tuned into that contest last week to see what it was about. 

The game was played in Medellin, and Atletico ended up advancing to the final after a nil-nil draw. They were going to take on the Brazilian first-division club Chapecoense in the finals for the Cup.

Well, you may have heard the terrible news today. The plane carrying the Chapecoense team crashed in Colombia overnight, and pretty much the entire team was killed. The finals have been suspended and Atletico is saying Chapecoense should be awarded the Cup in memory of those who died in the crash. 

Moreover, several journalists including six Fox Sports TV employees from Brazil were killed as well, and that is just a horrible thing for those organizations and for sports fans in that country. It’s just a really terrible situation all around.

That is all for the time being.