Fidel Castro is dead! (To quote President-elect Trump.)

I have just arrived back from sunny Cancun, Mexico, which is where I was this morning when I turned on the television and learned of the news of the death of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro at age 90

The headline “Fidel Castro is dead!” says it all: this is the exact same line Donald Trump used to announce the news on Twitter, complete with exclamation point.

I noticed that all the talk from the hotel guests during breakfast today in Cancun was not so much about the news that Castro had died. Instead, it was about all the Cuban exiles in the streets of Little Havana, Miami, who were celebrating this news as if the Miami Heat had won another NBA title! That was what most people found most amusing today.

Anyway, that is the big news of the day, and I will have more to say about my latest visit to Latin America later on.