Plans for this week: NBA, NBA and more NBA. Oh, and some football.

So, with MLB out of the way I am making a point of tuning in more NBA games lately, and that will be my plan for tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday, it’s US Thanksgiving back to NFL football. Friday, college football. Sunday in Canada, it is the Grey Cup. 

Come to think of it, I guess I could watch the NFL tonight, too — the Mexico City game between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders. Okay, I guess I’ll flip between that and whatever NBA games I might be able to find. All in all, it’s a great time of year to be a sports fan. 

The reason why I tune in the NBA so often is mainly to get my mind off of winter — something I am always reminded of whenever I tune into a freakin’ NHL game. Somehow, I don’t associate the NBA with winter quite so much — maybe it’s because they have franchises in places like LA, Phoenix, Miami and other sunny places.