The NFL goes to Mexico City! Texans vs. Raiders Monday night

As you know, I have been ranting all season long about the NFL’s “international” series of games, in particular these ones in the United Kingdom which seem to me to be a blatant attempt to try and drum up interest among fans who are really more interested in their own sports over there.

But the game Monday will be a little closer to North American civilization. Yes, it is the Houston Texans versus the Oakland Raiders down in Mexico City, Mexico. You may not believe it, but there actually is interest in the NFL in Mexico and so the stadium is expected to be packed. I guess this is what happens when your country shares a border with the USA, you kind of develop an interest in American sports by osmosis. Folks in Canada know all about that. 

At least in Mexico sports fans truly care about the NFL game, so I am far less choked about this particular NFL effort than about the U.K. series.

The big news surrounding this game, though, is that apparently the NFL is freaking out about the safety and well-being of the players, and they are being instructed not to order room service. Interesting.

Also, the crowd reaction to the national anthems should be interesting.