Last night’s Cubs victory proves once again that baseball is America’s craziest sport

Wow, that was a wild game 7 last night. The Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year old World Series championship drought — but not before a ferocious Cleveland comeback capped by a Rajai Davis home run tied it at 6-6. And then there was a 17-minute rain delay

All this did was serve as one last reminder to Cub fans that they were cheering for the Cubs. Not some team like the Yankees or Cardinals that wins World Series semi-regularly.

The Cubs scored two in the 10th and won the game 8-7; Ben Zobrist the MVP. All of north side Chicago went bat crazy, I tuned in the coverage online from Chicago and the fans were going nuts in the streets outside Wrigley Field. TV ratings were through the roof with over 40 million watching, and in fact baseball even beat NFL football earlier this week in the ratings. This was the most-watched World Series since Minnesota beat Atlanta in 1991. 

It serves as a reminder that when baseball has compelling storylines and compelling games, people will tune in. I know a lot has been written about baseball being in decline and all that; nobody is writing those articles after a game like last night. Instead, they are doing their “decline” stories about the NFL.

Also, I should note there were plenty of political ads littering the baseball game on TV — ads for Clinton and Trump, and because the station I was watching was from Boston, I also got New Hampshire election ads from Maggie Hassan and Kelly Ayotte.

I’m going to miss the US campaign season, almost as much as the baseball season.