Farewell to Taylor Field

Well, folks, that was an abysmal game the Saskatchewan Roughriders played this weekend, losing 24-6 to the BC Lions, but at least the post-game sendoff to Taylor Field (aka Mosaic Stadium) was worthwhile. 

It was unlike a lot of other postgame tributes we’ve seen at stadium closings in recent years. At these other places, they would usually bring out every old fossil who ever played for the team, and the tribute would go on and on and seem more about the team than about the stadium or arena they were leaving. 

Here, this tribute focused mainly on the history of the stadium and the fan experience there, and the great games. They showed a tribute video with a light and fireworks show, keeping player appearances to a minimum. And they had George Reed, Roger Aldag, Gene Makowsky and Darian Durant with the Grey Cup at the end. That’s the way a closing tribute ought to be done. A video of it is up at the Riderville site.

Once the Regina Rams are done with their CIS football playoff run, that will be it for old Taylor Field — ending a big part of Saskatchewan history. 

And now, with the last home game of the season in the trashcan, the CFL season is pretty much over in Saskatchewan — freeing up people’s time to follow curling and junior hockey. Such is life in this province.