Iceland could be on the brink of a Pirate takeover! (Or not.)

While waiting for the big ‘Riders CFL game to start (last one at Taylor Field), and in further proof that I am a geek, I am tuned in to live results of the Iceland election

I am streaming live TV from Iceland, watching their Election Night coverage. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on, this Icelandic language of theirs is indecipherable. Also indecipherable is their electorate. A lot of polls are predicting the big winners could be the radical, anti-establishment Pirate party(!). This is a group that, according to this BBC News piece, believes in freedom from copyright restrictions, more protection of peoples’ data, and greater transparency.

These folks really do strike me as kind of Julian Assange/ Ed Snowden types of people. In any other civilized country, this group would be regarded as lunatics; yet in Iceland, this party is supposedly winning! They could win the election and be the government! 

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. Despite its outward appearance as a first-world type of place, the fact is Iceland’s financial system collapsed a few years back, and then just this year their prime minister resigned when his offshore holdings were revealed in that Panama Papers leak. So Iceland has been through a lot. But if the Pirates do take over, that’s going to shock a lot of people — especially in Hollywood and the music industry. They will definitely not be impressed.

Update: hold on, it looks like the Independence Party has the lead in early returns.

Also — why the heck should I need to be watching Iceland election results on my weekend off?! I’ve already covered an election live this week as part of my job; I don’t need to tune in to another one.