Trial news: defense starts calling witnesses in the Justin Ross Harris hot car case

I like to follow high-profile court cases in the news, but we seem to have a lack of major trials at the moment — certainly, a lack of ones involving big celebrities. The one that seems to be the highest profile and most compelling at the moment is this case in Georgia involving Justin Ross Harris. He’s the one accused of deliberately and intentionally leaving his young son in his car for seven hours to die on a hot day. He faces eight criminal counts including felony murder, and the trial has been televised and live streamed. 

Obviously, this sounds like a terribly sad situation for the victim. The prosecution has rested its case and today the defense tried again to have a mistrial declared, to no avail. 

I haven’t had a chance to follow the ins and outs of this case as closely as I might like, so I can’t tell you whether I think the prosecution is winning or not. I read this item in LawNewz that seems to suggest the case for the State isn’t as strong as everyone thought it would be. You know, I’ve seen so many of these cases over the years where the prosecution would lay out their supposedly strong theory and call all their witnesses, and then when they would finally rest their case I’d sit there and go “that’s it!?” I find that whenever I have that reaction, the prosecution would always go on to lose, every time. 

Anyway, we will see what transpires in this case now that the defense is calling witnesses.